PSL 2016: In a nutshell – Part I

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PSL (Pakistan Super League) turned out to be very exciting. It was nothing less, compare to other cricketing leagues going around the world. It was full of exciting, thrilling and electrifying matches. Hence attracting viewers from Pakistan as well as around the globe.

Event Format

PSL started last year in February. It was played from 4th to 23rd of February.stock-vector-uae-united-arab-emirates-world-map-with-a-pixel-diamond-texture-world-geography-211738276 While 24 matches were played during this tenure. This event took place in UAE. While all matches were played in Dubai and Sharjah. Having capacity of 25,000 and 27,000 people respectively. 5 Teams participated in the event. Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore and Quetta, the captital city of each of the province of Pakistan. In addition, one team representing the Federal city i.e., Islamabad. The format of PSL was based on round robin matches. In this format each team face each other two times. As a result of these matches one team was eliminated and other teams go through to the next round.

Team Format

PSL had a different format of selecting players for the teams. It was based on format of picking players turn-wise. Similar to that of American Baseball League. Draft was held at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, on 21-22 December, 2015. 308 players, both Pakistani and Foreigners were placed into five categories. Platinum, Diamond, Silver and Gold. Each franchise had a salary-spending cap of $1.2 million. Each team was allowed to pick one icon player out of 5. They had to pick a squad of 20 players including 6 foreign players.

The title sponsor of PSL is HBL. Each team has it owns support and media campaign. Since Lahore and Karachi got the support of two rival media groups they were the most hyped teams. This rivalry really spiced up the event. Consequently, their matches became the hot topic on social media. As a result this rivalry added up to the promotion of PSL.

Opening Ceremony

PSL 2016 opening ceremony

PSL 2016 Opening Ceremony

Another tremendous thing about PSL 2016 was its opening ceremony. PSL had a wonderful opening ceremony held in Dubai International Stadium. Rockstar Ali Zafar stole the lime lights of the show. Whereas other performers including Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed were there to entertain too. Also, Jamaican Rapper and Singer also participated to the charm of the show.

Similar to its ceremony, matches of PSL were full of charm and excitement. Since every team was determined to emerge as the top team of PSL 2016!

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