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PSL is the first Pakistan’s International cricket  league. First edition of PSL was held in February 2016 under the superintendents of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). This year they change the standards. They handover the running PSL from Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to private limited company.

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The PSL news 2017 regarding the transformation of PSL into private limited company was confirmed by chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Shahryar Khan in a recent press conference. At the press conference Shahryar Khan stated that on the basis of approvals given by the governing body, it has been decided to transform PSL into private limited company. However, he let it be known that PSL would still work under the cricket board.

Najam Sethi is the current head of PSL and one of PCB’s nominee as the director to the “new company” Najam Sethi revealed on the instance that PCB has approved to transform PSL into a private limited company. However, all the profit from the company would be retained by PCB. Also, the transformation of PSL into private limited company would give franchises more give or take. It will also make PSL more transparent. Moreover, Najam Sethi explained that “controversies” from last year’s tournament must be eliminated. He was pointing to concerns over the draft procedure as something that must not be repeated again.

Although he did not openly mention those issues but it is seeming that some franchises were unhappy with how the draft was conducted.

Najam Sethi’s Statement:Najam Sethi - psl news

Najam Sethi said that “Next year, for PSL we will introduce new system. We will have a system
where some of the controversies that may have gathered up this year are removed. Therefore, there will be a much more transparent and much more independent process”.

The main aim of this PSL news 2017 is to support their outreaches into the respective communities.